Let’s put the CC Sabathia talk to rest

Looking at CC’s 2009 season, and comparing it to the same visuals for Felix Hernandez and Zack Greinke (below), it’s not even close.  CC was great down the stretch and in the postseason, but WAY too inconsistent to win a Cy Young award.


About Kevin Dame
Kevin Dame is a writer and visual designer who brings sports information to life in new and meaningful ways. His work, which has been featured on espn.com, Fast Company, and the San Francisco Chronicle, can also be found on his blog, Visual Baseball. A lifelong Red Sox fan, Kevin currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He welcomes your comments, questions and suggestions via email.

2 Responses to Let’s put the CC Sabathia talk to rest

  1. Don W says:

    What CC talk exactly? I haven’t heard of anyone say anything more than his a candidate but not a serious contender.

    Great site!

    • Kevin Dame says:

      Hi. Well, among level headed people, you’re right there really isn’t a lot of talk about CC and the Cy Young. Perhaps I’ve heard one too many knuckleheads on sports radio bring it up! Kevin

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