Phillies vs. Giants – It’s On!

2 great staffs.  The Giants have a slightly deeper rotation 1-5, and a better closer.  But facing Halladay has got to scare Giants fans…

Phillies pitching vs. Yankee hitting

Here’s a graphic which matches the Phillies Game 1 and 2 starters – Cliff Lee and Pedro Martinez – against the Yankee lineup. Red means the matchup favors the Phillies, blue means the Yankees are favored, and gray means a wash. Both pitchers have faced these hitters a number of times (line width = # of at bats), but Pedro has fared much better than Lee. Of course, much of Pedro’s success came several years ago when he was a better pitcher. We’ll see in Game 2 if Pedro can cheat father time once again in this post season.

Lee and Pedro vs Yanks


How Good Are the Phillies?

Here’s a graphic of how the Phillies compare with the rest of the NL.

Phillies Team Rankings

Phillies vs. Dodgers – Who Swings the Lumber?

Yesterday I posted a graphic comparing the power numbers of the Yankee and Angels lineups.  Here’s the same visual for the Phillies Dodgers matchup.  Note the huge power disparity between the two teams.

NLCS lineup comparison

Phillies Rockies Theft-Fest

This graphic shows the base stealing of both teams.  The Phillies are the better known team, with base stealers like Rollins and Victorino grabbing most of the headlines.  But don’t overlook the likes of Dexter Fowler.

Phillies Rockies SB

Phillies Rockies Power Matchup

A visual comparison between the home run hitters on these two teams.  Howard, Werth, and Ibanez loom large.

Phillies Rockies HR


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