Phillies vs. Giants – It’s On!

2 great staffs.  The Giants have a slightly deeper rotation 1-5, and a better closer.  But facing Halladay has got to scare Giants fans…

Yankees Rangers – It’s On!

The Rangers would seem to have a big edge in their starting rotation on paper, but the Yankees have the benefit of starting with their best guy on the mound…

How Good Are The Giants?

A classic “pitching and defense” team.  But can they manage to get a hit off of Halladay, Oswalt, and Hammels?  And, if they do, can they get to home plate?

How Good Are The Yankees?

Gotta love the offense but the mediocre pitching and defense is somewhat disconcerting.  Then again, they pitched pretty damn well against the Twins…

Lee vs. Price – Game 5

Here’s a look at what Rangers and Rays hitters will have flying at them in tonight’s deciding Game 5.

Why the Yankees dropped AJ Burnett from the ALDS rotation

Paintomatic explains.  (For those not familiar with Paintomatic, each circle represents a pitch, the size indicating how often the pitch is thrown and the color indicating how effective the pitch is.)


Here’s a look at what the New York Yankees have done to the Minnesota Twins in their last four postseason series. Ugly, to say the least…unless you’re a Yankee fan.


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