Andy Pettitte vs. the Angels

Here’s a graphic showing Andy Pettitte’s track record against tonight’s expected Angels batting order.  As evidenced by the predominance of blue, Pettitte has had his way with this lineup for the most part.

pettitte vs angels

Then again, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching baseball over the last 3o years, it’s “expect the unexpected.”


Scott Kazmir Owns the Yankees

Check out the Yankees’ lineup against Scott Kazmir lifetime.  Yanks may have their hands full tonight.

Kazmir Ownage

Who is Scott Kazmir?

Tonight’s Angels starter Scott Kazmir is an enigma.  A young talented lefthander traded inexplicably from the Rays to the Angels has been a Godsend for Mike Scioscia.  Here’s a visual of Kazmir’s rollercoaster season, ending in a very strong September and October.

Kazmir Season

How Good Are the Angels?

Here’s a graphic showing how the Angels rate as a team relative to the rest of the American League.  I used 5 measures – Batting Average, Home Runs, Stolen Bases, Earned Run Average, and Errors Allowed.  At a quick glance you can get a sense of where the Angels’ strengths and weaknesses are.

Angels Team Rankings

Yankees vs. Angels: Who swings the lumber?

Here’s a visual comparison of tonight’s Game 1 batting orders for the Yanks and Halos.  The Yankee lineup is filled with big numbers and big names, but the lesser-known Kendry Morales stands tall with the Yankees’ top sluggers.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of power elsewhere in the lineup, especially with Mike Scioscia’s choice of Jeff Mathis over Mike Napoli.

ALCS lineup comparison

So much for Diversity

Well, we’re down to four teams in this year’s playoffs and judging from this map, we’re not looking at a ton of geographic diversity.  Out of ALL the teams in major league baseball (indicated by gray dots), somehow we ended up with 2 Southern California teams and two North East Corridor teams.  It’s basically a battle of two coasts now, with lots of frequent flier miles logged for both teams, media, and fans.

coastal LCS

Angels who are divine in the Postseason

Here’s the Angels offense that overpowered Boston’s pitching in the ALDS.   The usual suspects are there, but Erick Aybar might have been the X-factor.  To see ongoing updates of the Angels in the postseason, check out the MLB Team Dashboards on the right side of my blog.

angels alds


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