Josh Beckett’s 2009 Season

Continuing my “hot and cold” theme of late, here’s a visual of Josh Beckett’s 2009 season, with red indicating a quality start (minimum 6 innings pitched with no more than 3 earned runs allowed).  The squares represent innings completed, with earned runs allowed inside each inning.

Game 2: Beckett vs. Weaver

Here’s the 2009 season at a glance for both Josh Beckett and Jered Weaver.  Both pitchers had their ups and downs during the season, but what’s most telling is that in the 2 months leading up to Game 2, they were essentially the same caliber of pitcher.

beckett vs. weaver

Josh Beckett’s Season

I think Josh Beckett is overrrated (at least during the regular season). He’s viewed as a prototypical #1, but he pitched like a true ace for only 2 months (May and June).  He pitched like a #2 in July and September, a #3 in August, and a #4 in April.  Average that out over the season and he was a poor #2 starter or a very good #3 starter.

beckett season


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