Yankees Angels Preview

Here’s a visual comparison of payroll and who earns what.  The angels have a very healthy payroll ($114 million) yet they’re still blown away by Yankee spending.

Yanks Angels payroll

Looking at MLB standings differently

Here’s a different way to look at MLB’s standings, now that we’ve wrapped up the season.  Like my other posts, I’m experimenting with font size to indicate payroll.  The larger teams have the higher payroll, the smaller teams the lower payroll.  Not surprisingly, most of the teams that made the playoffs (in red) had medium-t0-high payrolls, with Minnesota being the exception.  I’m also amused by the comparison between the Florida Marlins (tiny font, tiny payroll) and the New York Mets (further back in the standings, larger font, bloated payroll).  Go Mets!

MLB standings

2009 Red Sox – Who gets paid

This visual shows you the 2009 Red Sox roster, with the size of the name indicating the player’s salary.  The heart and soul (and future) of the Red Sox – John Lester, Dustin Pedroia, and Kevin Youkilis hardly register.

Sox payroll

Yankees vs. Twins – a tale of 2 wallets

Same visual comparison of the payroll for these two rosters.  Note the vast majority of the money is spent on Yankees players, with a few Twins players surrounded in a sea of Yankee blue.

yankees v twins

Red Sox vs. Angels – How they spend their money

This visual shows the combined rosters of the Red Sox and Angels, with the size of the player representing their salary.  Both teams have similar payrolls, and its interesting to see how that money is spent.

sox v angels


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